[column col=”1/2″]Market Day is coming up
Grab the phone and call the Crumps,
Organise to book the ground
Gather volunteers around.

Butcher, baker, drinks are chilled
Mulla Villa stalls are filled,
BBQ cleaned, tea room and shed
Organising comes to a head.

Mow the paddock, mark the sites
Bake the cakes, made just right,
BBQ hot, billy boiling
Cakes, slices and snags are selling.[/column]
[column col=”1/2″]Buckets at the gates are filling
People browsing, milling, buying
All that’s needed to be done
has happened and all are having fun.

Clean up utes and garbage bags
All to be returned are tagged,
Money counted, banking done,
Wrap up meeting, ah, such fun.

It’s over for another year
Money raised will bring much cheer
Paddock of mess is neatly cleared
Recover, ready for next year.

Sally Sullivan – Wollombi General Store[/column]